== CLYDE== CLYDE are optimally a four-man unit, made of a long-range fighter, a versatile fighter, a close-range fighter, and a hand-to-hand robot. It is kept in secret from the rest of WORLD, and only the Commander knows about it. The last CLYDE unit, composed of Iain Macmillan, Scottish ex-SAS Captain, Terrence Steele, USMC Sniper, his fiancé, Jessica Conrad, and the medical unit D348 Khan. It wasn't due to return until 2031, but, desperate times...


Iain 'Midas' MacmillanEdit

By rank, Macmillan is the leader of CLYDE. He's the medium-long range fighter, and wields an FN FAL, codename Aurum. He has the power to change the molecular structure of objects depending on its contents; an example is drawing out the iron in the frozen water of an icicle, and turning into a deadly spike. He has quite a history with the SAS, which is why WORLD were interested in him in the first place.

Macmillan is known as harsh but fair, and will do anything to protect his teammates.

"We headed into battle together, so it's my responsibility to return us home together."

Unit D348 KhanEdit

Khan is the hand-to-hand fighter and medic of the group, wielding the energy pike Nidhogg and plasma kite shield Gladius. He appears not to let morality in whatsoever, and takes up a defensive standpoint at the first sign of being threatened. He claims he is more advanced than both the N241 and B326 units, though, if it were not for them, he would not be in existence. He was constructed for WORLD, and selected after performing optimally in combat tests.

Terrence SteeleEdit

Terry was the sniper of the group, wielding a Barrett XM500. He was ex-marines, just like Jess, but died during the initial Shi'ar onslaught. His body has not been recovered.

Jessica ConradEdit

Jess was Terry's fiancé, and another ex-marine. She was the close-range fighter of the group, wielding Charity and Envy, dual PP2000 machine pistols. The effects of firing both simultaneously is a hail of deadly projectiles which you do not want aimed at you. She is 29, putting her a fair few years younger than both Terry and Macmillan, but they both value her as a comrade.

Jess has been known to use Khan as a shield after getting into a battle where she's bitten off more than she can chew.