FORCE has been described as the physical, military arm of WORLD, and constantly supplies WORLD with soldiers, arms, and help. However, some FORCE members are getting a little tired of WORLD's doctrines and tactics, and there is some friction between the two. It's a widely known fact that Commander Godslayer of the Russia base is thoroughly annoyed and bored with FORCE.

 FORCE has its roots enmeshed in the very foundation of WORLD. It was FORCE that acted as the "Strong Arm" carving out the path necessary to emerge as a world power. They are, by all regards, a military organization with two purposes. Policing WORLD, and Protecting WORLD's interests. They are radical in the way in which they execute their missions. Instead of relying on principles and morals, FORCE agents act according to the mission handed to them. It was decided long ago that for WORLD to maintain its power and authority within the international community, FORCE must act as their spear. Sometimes taking on missions that seem controversial in nature. All in all, it is FORCE that keeps WORLD free to do as they please. For without FORCE, war would surely rage.

 "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

 It is in that quote that a truth about FORCE arises. General Hakuro, the current Commander and Chief of FORCE, has taken his once proud organization and twisted it. Warped it to serve his own nefarious ends. A coup d'etat upon WORLD, overthrowing Noman Godslayer as its leader. For many years now, FORCE agents have been bred and trained to serve only one man. Hakuro. Their allegiance lies solely with this man. And it is in this loyalty that FORCE gains its strength. FORCE outnumbers WORLD 9:1, the bulk of the troops are in various outposts through the countries, but their loyalty is just as fierce. The years that WORLD spent stabilizing the planet, were the years that Hakuro and his men prepared for the coup. The soldiers were gathered, loyalists, and extremely powerful. Weapons and advancements were made to give FORCE the upper hand. And of course, the slow but steady corruption of the agents of WORLD. One by one they were transformed into followers of FORCE, although most never knew it. By offering them the chance to bypass the rules and regulations and take matters into their own hands, FORCE was giving the WORLD agents what they so desperately wanted. Freedom. And from that, FORCE gained a sea of followers that were willing to die for the organization.

FORCE Agents Edit

General Hakuro

Atlas Moriaga