== Outline ==
MGN-LO3 is Noman's mecha that he had just finished building before the Shi'ar attacked. It's based on Metal Gear REX from the original 'Metal Gear Solid' game, with a few adjustments that Noman had always wanted to make. It's extremely powerful, and has a lot of firepower, but can't move all that fast.

== Specifications ==

=== Weapons ===
    * Machine Guns: 2xGAU-8/A Avenger 30mm rotary cannon in the beak (Covering 60° arc to the front)<br />    * Missiles: 2x Shoulder-Mounted Hellfire Missile Launchers<br />    * Rail Gun: 59mm Rail Gun (WORLD Optimum Bombardment 422 "Destroyer") - Can hit any targets, but is not suitable for close range as it emits a powerful kickback and a long reload time. Has a range of up to two kilometres. <br />    * Launch Tube: Standard (Conventional Nuclear "Decapitator")<br />    * Laser: WORLD International V17 Vulcan Cannon, Searing LaserStorm High Energy Cutter "Slice n' Dice" (Covering 90° arc) 175 Megawatts<br />    * Flamethrower: TPO-50 Gunner-operated Flamethrower, fires at a 30° arc from the direct chest of the hull.<br />    * Ammunition: 10,000x 30mm, 72x AGM-114P "Hellfire" missiles, 20MWh (Can operate for 20 hours straight; this includes charge time, recharge time, and fire time.), 2000 litres of liquid oxygen, 65x 59mm.

=== Measurements ===
    * Crew: 2 (Beak cockpit, internal gunner pod to operate other weapons) 

    * Length (Gun Forward): 18.9m<br />    * Length (Hull): 7.455m<br />    * Width: 5.70m<br />    * Height (Gun Forward): 12m<br />    * Height (Gun Up): 13m<br />    * Weight (Combat): 609,450kg<br />    * Power-to-weight Ratio: 490hp/ton<br />    * Engine: MBO AGM 4000 "Behemoth"<br />    * Maximum Road Speed: 140.777km/h, 2389.81km/h with flight jets applied, 250.968 km/h with hover jets applied)<br />    * Maximum Range: 1.905km<br />    * Fuel Capacity: 5,550lit<br />    * Armor (Type): 21 inch (this is at thickest, covering the mech's weak points. At thinnest, it's 13 inch) steel-titanium alloy.

=== Other Equipment ===
    * NBS System: Yes<br />    * Night Vision Equipment: Yes
    * Jets: Yes, (Speed-enhancing, heavily modified Concorde turbine jets that allow flight, and consume a lot of fuel. They can also go into non-flight mode which gives Noman a ~100km/h boost which allows him to speed over water and land, and doesn't consume too much fuel.)