The Organization Edit

The Mirage Being Organization (MBO) itself is a very private Organization. It is the Organization that keeps itself at bay and watches over their own imaginary world that is infested by fantasy creatures and animals that was originally a human that was changed and tweaked into an animal that is controlled by a chip that only MBO knows how to make.

The Organization mostly uses people that has a strong mental condition and has some mental ability such as telepathy.

Their Imaginary World Edit

Started off by themselves with their brain machines that can connect and relate everyone's imaginations together, they created a world made of imaginary particles that can seem real, but they are actually illusion. They have created many portals all over the world to collect victims, in order to strengthen their world; they capture those with strong minds and use their imagination and turn them drowsy with their brain machine. Those that does not have strong minds as they would examine and test, will be turned into animals and controlled with a chip in their minds - they were then put into their world capture those that comes in through their portal.

MBO Agents Edit

Daren Moon

Lucia Celtzer

Wynter Avalon

Randolph D. Stixx

Atlas Moriaga