The Phoenix Corps is an organization founded by Randolph D. Styxx. Their straight forward motive is to do what they can to make sure that WO
RLD, MBO, and their allies are unable to rebuild their organizations. The only way to do this, as they see it, is to terminate all past, present, and whom may become future operatives of these groups. Next to this goal, they also recognize that they will need support of their own. Siding with the people, Phoenix Corps operatives also work out mercenary style missions for governments and select individuals who request their aid.


Randolph D. StyxxEdit

Founder, leader, and General of the Phoenix Corps. Although he does keep his soldiers in line with harsh words and training, he is not beyond compassion. He would never send someone on a suicide mission.

Wynter AvalonEdit

The Lt. General of the Phoenix Corps. Wynter was placed in his position, because of his importance to Randolph's health and safety when the man goes to far after using his powers. Although he does have his own goals, he will aid Randolph, whatever the case may be.