If a trainee shows the necessary skills and knowledge but lacks leadership, then they may be promoted to a Soldier. The rank of Soldier is a transition point before becoming a Junior Officer. Knowing that Leadership is the most important trait of an Officer, this rank was devised so that a member of WORLD can enter the ranks of FORCE to cultivate the necessary skill to be promoted. It is in no ways a demotion, or a separation, it is merely a training program. 

 As a Soldier, they are stripped of their name and rank and given Code-Names. From something as simple as a fruit to something as revered as a god. It all depends on the Officers mood for that day. Once stripped of their identity they are thrown into a new cell. The cell typically consists of 4 people. Three Soldiers and one FORCE agent. It is their FORCE agent that will act as instructor and mentor to the Soldiers while amongst his team. Over time, the soldiers will look to this man for leadership, guidance and a model that they must emulate. For these men and women do have the skills necessary to lead a team.

 The duties of the Soldiers are centered around building a dynamic between the members of the cell. This is done by opening the channels of communication between them all. By training together, eating together, sleeping together, even bathing together. All so that they lose their sense of self, and build a team mentality. One that will help them achieve their missions. And then, without ever realizing it, they are imparted with the knowledge and ability to be successful leaders. For it is the person that looks out for his team and makes decisions that are best suited for his team, that make outstanding leaders. 

 Once this skill has been fully cultivated, The soldier is then presented with two options:

 Be promoted to a Junior Officer or Join FORCE. It is for each individual to decide.