Trainees Edit

These are chosen people that were either being watched or observed by the WORLD's worldwide branches, or rather, from their home base for their talents. These trainees were then contacted to be brought to the WORLD's Home Base in Russia to be trained, these people are also made to train to be part of WORLD's participation in helping the New Gaia to survive and maintain it's beauty. Trainees are usually trained for a few months or at most, two years and once they are thought to be good enough for an upgrade - they will be promoted and requested by their mentors to be upgraded into either to the rank of (Junior/Senior) Officer or Soldier. They are; despite their young age, they can be really tough and they are given their weapons once they arrive at the Home Base of WORLD in Russia. Trainees are usually to be seen practicing and training with their mentors or participating on low-level missions such as relocating other Organizations, rainforests and as for the highest is rescuing missing people; especially in the sudden appearance of a new organization : the Mirage Being Organization.

Examples of Trainees Edit