The RP Edit

Setting: 2026, The New Gaia

Chosen, talented trainees are invited to join the WORLD Organization, in order to protect the New Gaia from being harmed by anything. These talented humans and humanoids are reported to missions such as to defend forests from an attack, relocate other Organizations against them or supporting them and also to destroy those that are against them...

WORLD's primary home base is in Russia; in which to find talented trainees, they have many other branches/secondary home bases all around the world. From there, all of them are sent to the WORLD's primary home base to train the talented humans into great soldiers... Also known as the guardians of the WORLD.

But before WORLD was created, a strong Organization was built - Mirage Being Organization, made of only a handful amount of clever human and humanoids for they know how to collect imaginations around the world, in which triggers many portals all around the world and pulls in people that goes through into a different world - somewhere where fantasy-like creatures turned into much different things such as Mechanical Ogres, Mechanical Elves, Mechanical Mermaids...
One day, WORLD decided that Mirage Being Organization should be stopped as some humans worldwide had gone missing into their portals - and this might also harm the New Gaia as the creatures from the other world can come into the New Gaia and attack. Last year, the amount of human missing increased greatly and two WORLD officers decided to investigate the other world due to a secret mission. Two weeks later, they never came back; and the trainees were then reported to this mission of finding these officers as WORLD finds them greatly important.

The future of Earth was turned into a great success - The New Gaia, it is called right now. The objective and mission to continue protecting the The New Gaia was something of one organization's - a mission that it will keep forever. Whoever the enemy, whatever happens; it was them that will always be there to save the world and keep the beauty up. Be it human, nature or anything else - WORLD will always be there... But this rather smoky and mysterious mission clouded them... Some other world was there, their portals invaded The New Gaia; making WORLD weaker as they have lost two main officers...

The Organization Edit

It's Home Base in Russia, and branched all around the world to find talented humans. This Organization also creates Environmental-Friendly Humanoids. The WORLD facilities are enough for everyone joining. This Organization helps on missions such as finding missing people, relocating rainforest, discovering old fossils, materials and also minerals. This Organization has also higher-level missions but they are mostly confidential - these missions uses more of their abilities.

Ranks Edit