Yurok I. Godslayer is one of the three Godslayer triplets along with Noman Z. Godslayer and Naref T. Godslayer. He is definitely the most violent, cunning, quiet, mysterious and destructive of the two. He is the only triplet to have joined MBO.

Yurok Ian Godslayer






May 4, 2002


Ability blueprinting. Abilities obtained: Super-Speed Sub-Atomic Disintegration Psychometry Invisibility Object Implosion Telepathy Sound Manipulation


Obsidian Falchion - A powerful, golden falchion that Yurok found upon an MBO assignment in Peru. The sword is only shown to those who the bearer wills to see it. It is sharper than diamond.




Mirage Being Organization

Appearance Edit

Yurok has draping, black hair that brushes his collar. He wears a big, golden pendant with a ruby inlaid, and light black and red armour, covering all but his face. He has a crimson tattoo covering his face, and his armoured hands and feet are clawed. He holds the Obsidian Falchion in his swordhand, and red tendrils surround him when he uses his ability.

Personality Edit

Naref is quiet, and very cunning. He reflects Noman, and as always, Naref is the middle, emotionless one. He loves to kill, and it was once said that he drank the blood of the first foe he destroyed with his blade. Noman believes this to be a false rumour, though, as no relative of his really enjoyed the taste of blood.

Family Edit

Yurok used to have a full family; his parents, who he seems to have forgotten the names of, and he only refers to them as 'Mum' and 'Dad'. He also has two twins that make up the Godslayer triplet, Naref, and Yurok, and, his older brother, Fratek, and his younger sister, Seram.

The Obsidian Falchion Edit

The Obsidian Falchion is apparently the blade of countless Aztec monarchs, until it was found in what is now central Mexico by Spanish Conquistadors in the late 1750s. During a visit to Peru, the Conquistadors were apparently attacked, killed, and the sword was taken, and placed in an ancient Aztec pyramid; the believed place it should be set in.

During one of Yurok's first assignments for MBO, he found the sword during a rampage of a Peruvian village. He was directed up to the nearby temple for lookout, and found the blade. He laid hands on it, and using his psychometry, discovered the history.

He took the magical sword for his own. He can channel his abilities through it, and it becomes significantly more powerful with every successive kill.

History Edit

On Christmas Eve, in their house in England, ten years ago, Yurok's house was assaulted by MBO snipers. His father and mother were killed instantly, and Fratek fell to the incendiaries. With his dying breath, he shoved the other four out. Yurok picked up the eight-year old Seram, and ran. Noman and Naref got out the front door first, whereas a flaming beam dropped from the ceiling, blocking the one exit for Yurok and Seram.

Yurok then waited for the snipers to retreat, and blasted the beams away with a powerful scream, and ran out. He made his way along, homeless, until one day, he returned, 19, finding Seram, gone.

Apparently this was when he had his change of heart, and became evil. He saw an advertisement for the MBO, and believed he could fit the bill.

He could.